We postponed Expressive Suite's launch for a few days

- by Marius Sarca
Yesterday evening we decided to postpone the launch of Expressive Suite for a few days. Here are the reasons behind this decision.

To launch a software product as massive and complex as Expressive Suite is a challenging task. For a startup, creating accurate estimates for a single product alone is hard enough. Nevertheless, Expressive Suite has two products that could be easily transformed into separate startups, so our task was far more difficult.

As a seasoned software developer, I have much experience with product launches. So I know how stressful this period can be for the entire team, especially when managers put pressure to mark unrealistic milestones. But this time, as a CEO, I had the power to change something, so I acted. I realized the deadline was too tight, and I decided that the team's mental health was more important than a milestone, so I postponed the launch.

I'm confident we made the right decision, and everyone interested in Expressive Suite will understand and support us.

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