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Create professional 2D motion graphics and vector animations for any platform

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Expressive Animator makes it easy to create motion graphics that showcase your work, products, or services in a memorable way.

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Export animations as

WebM video files, APNG, SVG, and Lottie

Enhance your products, web pages, and mobile apps with professional vector and raster animations.

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Perfect for

Animated logos, banners, illustrations, and icons

Take advantage of our software's powerful animators and give life to your static assets.

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Easily create

2D motion graphics videos and live stream overlays

Make your work stand out in the crowd and create breathtaking experiences for the world to admire.

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Design and export

Animated assets and scenes for explainer videos

Save time and energy and create advanced motion graphics and other types of animations in minutes.

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The right tools for creating stunning motion graphics

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Filters & Effects

Make your animations more unique by applying filters and powerful effects that will take your work to another level.

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Work faster and easier by pre-composing your animations as Scenes to be used in your main composition.

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Powerful Easing

Create or use the predefined easing to obtain professional looking animations without any additional keyframes.

Motion Path image

Motion Path

Set an object to move along a custom path, or manually drag the object to create a path and adjust it to your liking.

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Trim Path

Easily create animated strokes, hand drawn animated text, and self-drawing illustrations.

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Text & Typography

Access and use your locally installed fonts to write, edit, and create outstanding text animations in minutes.

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Offline Support
Work without internet connection
Unlimited Timeline Length
Create and export animations of any length
Import Options
Import PNG, JPG, and SVG files
Export Options
Export WebM video files (without alpha channel) and static SVG, JPG, and PNG files
Drawing Tools
Pen tool, Pencil tool, Line, Polyline and Shape tools
Text Tool
Advanced rich-text tool and typography
System Fonts
Use locally installed fonts
Easing Functions
Predefined Linear, Step, Ease-In, Ease-Out, and Ease-In-Out easing functions
Motion Path
Move objects along a custom path
Trim Path
Animated dash array and stroke offset
Filters & Effects
Apply basic filters and effects
Boolean Operations
Unite, Subtract, Intersect, Exclude, Merge, Split, Divide, and Outline
Linear, Radial, Radial Focal, and Sweep gradient
Pre-compose animations as Scenes
Text Animation
Create advanced text animations
Advanced Import Options
Import AI, PDF, and Lottie files
Advanced Export Options
Animated Lottie, SVG, PNG, WebM (with Alpha channel)
Custom Easing Functions
Create your own advanced easing functions
Convert Path to Motion Path
Convert any path to Motion Path
Advanced Filters & Effects
Apply advanced filters and effects

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