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Expressive Canvas makes creating eye-catching vector illustrations, pixel-perfect icons, and other digital assets more straightforward than ever before.

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Perfect for

Vector illustrations, icons, logos, and game assets

Experience a smooth and fast workflow and deliver outstanding vector graphics suitable for all media platforms.

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Draw with ease using

Live custom vector brushes and stroke profiles

Create your own beautiful and unique brushes, apply custom stroke profiles, and view the results in real-time.

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Save time and

Quickly create shapes with the Shape Builder tool

Build complex shapes faster and easier by interactively merging and subtracting selected graphic objects.

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Easy to

Fill your line art using the Live Fill tool

Quickly fill in the intersecting paths of your line art using colors, gradients, and patterns.

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Everything you need for creating the most amazing vector graphics

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Multiple Artboards

Use artboards to save time and effortlessly export multiple assets from the same document.

Isometric Grid image

Isometric Grid

Quickly switch from a 2D grid to an isometric grid and create unique vector graphics and game assets.

Pixel Preview image

Pixel Preview

Easily create pixel-perfect icons and other types of assets that will look amazing on any screen.

Advanced Gradients image

Advanced Gradients

Enrich your artwork with vibrant colors, choosing between linear, radial, focal, and sweep gradient types.

Custom Patterns image

Custom Patterns

Create beautiful custom patterns that are easy to edit and easy to add to any object as fill or stroke.

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Filters & Effects

Make your illustrations stand out by applying filters and powerful effects that will take your work to another level.

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Import Options
Import PNG, JPG, and SVG files
Export Options
Export as JPG, PNG, and SVG
Drawing Tools
Pen tool, Pencil tool, Line, Polyline and Shape tools
Text Tool
Advanced rich-text tool and typography
System Fonts
Use locally installed fonts
Boolean Operations
Unite, Subtract, Intersect, Exclude, Merge, Split, Divide, and Outline
Linear, Radial, Radial Focal, and Sweep gradient
Isometric Grid
Fixed-size isometric grid
Document Units
Choose between centimeters, inches, points, and pixels
Filters & Effects
Apply basic filters and effects
Fill shapes with vector patterns
Vector Brushes coming soon
Stroke shapes using vector brushes
Stroke Profiles coming soon
Apply stroke profiles to shapes
Live Fill Tool
Advanced vector filling tool
Shape Builder Tool
Combine or subtract shapes
Multiple workspaces in the same document
Pixel Preview
Visualize your design rendered to pixels
Color model coming soon
Switch between RGB and CMYK color models
Color management coming soon
Use predefined color spaces or import you own ICC profiles
Advanced Import Options
Import AI and PDF files
Advanced Export Options
Export to multiple files at once
Advanced Filters & Effects
Apply advanced filters and effects

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