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Free and open-source software for creating amazing 2D motion graphics and vector animations

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Free and open-source

We believe that everyone should be free to learn and create professional designs and animations, or at least to have a chance at doing it.

Intuitive UI

Expressive apps come with an intuitive and minimalistic user interface for a fast and easy workflow, featuring a Dark and a Light theme.

Cross-platform, online and offline

Work directly online in the browser or install the PWA (progressive web application) and enjoy a fully offline experience.

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge


Bring your world to life!

Animated SVG (SMIL)

Design, animate, and export your work as animated SVG.

Drawing tools

Draw any vector shapes and adjust them on the go by using the Pen tool and Shape tools like Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Star, Polyline, and Line.

Advanced path operations

Create your shapes faster with the help of 9 advanced path operations like Unite, Subtract Front, Subtract Back, Intersect, Exclude, Merge, Divide, Split, Outline.

Gradient tool

Expressive Animator features 4 types of gradients: Linear, Radial, Radial with focal point, Sweep aka Conical.
Change their settings, or adjust them visually by using the Gradient tool.

Motion path

Animate elements to move along a path that can be modified similarly to a regular path, with the option to set your elements to auto-rotate and auto-rotate in reverse if needed.

Animators and easing functions

Use the Record button to automatically add animators, or add them manually from a list of possible animators for the selected elements, and use the easing functions to enhance your animation.

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